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As per Maslow’s hierarchy, Once the basic need for food and shelter is fulfilled, the need for security and safety arises. You have bought a new home recently and it looks like a dream home. A dream home is not just made of bricks but weaved with your lifelong emotions invested in it. Like your dreams and emotions, the home also has to be safe, secured and in the right hands So, let’s plan the security of that dream shelter weaved with the dreams of your lifelong investments. Home Automation Devices with the base of Internet of the Things bring home security solutions at your fingertips with the best smart home system.

Bring in home Igzy’s smart sensors pack which not only gives you security, but also an energy-efficient home. If you have not explored the cloud-based IoT smart sensors, It is the time to look into new technological avenues. Few of the home automation devices like the Door Sensor, Glass break sensor, Glass break Sensor and the Smoke sensor give the perfect energy conserved smart home.

Door Sensor

So, now you can not only secure your valuable assets but also be rest assured of the safety of your near and dear ones. The elders and the children in the home remain safe when you leave for the outside work.

Smart Camera

Glass break Sensor

Smoke Sensor

All this happens on the cloud while you are on your routine work and do not need to worry about lots of factors in security concerns like theft or the loss of the device, any attempts to disconnect the device, the storage limit of the hard disk in the traditional hard disk. You have the local access to the footage at your convenience. The on-demand surveillance is available on your fingertips.

The Artificial Intelligence backed sensors imitate human intelligence and give real-time monitoring of your premise. When all the system comes packaged in a 24/7 live monitoring along with energy-efficient systems, the home is called a smart home in real sense. The synchronization and integration of technology in the human space is now seamless and user-friendly, which makes the surveillance all the more smooth experience.

Wake up to the technology watch and keep the perimeter of your dream home safe with our smart surveillance systems.

Let’s make the Smart Homes with Smart Technology!

Originally published at https://igzy.com on March 16, 2020.

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