Office Security Camera System-A Powerful Digital Surveillance Solution

Best Places to Install Office Security Cameras

Office Entrance and Exits

Office Reception and Waiting Area

Office Storage and Supply Rooms

Main Office Building Gate

Benefits of Office Surveillance

Theft Detection

Employees Safety

Dispute Management

Things to Consider Before Installing Office Security Cameras

  • Every type of security camera has different capabilities. Some cameras can provide 360 degrees visual while some can capture fast-moving objects with the high frame rate. Some cameras can modify their focus while some have the protective casing to protect them from vandalism. Cameras should be chosen considering their ability, the location they are being installed and the task they need to do.
  • When selecting a surveillance system, the organization needs to consider its future growth plans. If a business plans to include more floors to the office, more entrances, or adding more sites that need to be surveilled, then the organization should invest in a system that is easily scalable with least cost and hassle.
  • If an office is interested in audio recording, then it should make the provisions for it beforehand because specific hardware needs to be installed with the security cameras to make audio recording possible.



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