Video Monitoring | Intrusion Detection System for Warehouse

Posted On: January 7, 2021

Owners of large businesses or warehouses spread across multiple facilities and locations know the worries of unwanted intrusions firsthand. The threat of intrusions gets magnified when there are multiple access points through which miscreants can enter your premises. One solution warehouse owners have relied on is to increase the patrolling of premises with security guards. In recent years, video monitoring through CCTVs has also been utilized, to aid security personnel in discharging their responsibilities. Today, it is very rare that a business relies solely on man guarding.

Video monitoring based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) takes CCTVs a big step further. Where CCTVs were typically analog cameras connected to a DVR or other storage device on-premises, IDS typically capture videos via IP (Internet Protocol) cameras and store the digital feeds in the cloud.

Through the use of sensors, IDS ensures that the video capture needs to be triggered only when a threatening activity is detected. IDS also combines smart analytics with artificial intelligence and real-time alerts and thus transforms video surveillance from a passive activity done by bored or distracted guards in your warehouse’s control room — to active threat detection and prevention.

7 major advantages of an intrusion detection system based on video monitoring

Continuous Monitoring & Reliability


Alerts & Notifications

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

IFTTT rules, Artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Intrusion detection systems also have the built in intelligence to differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers such as wind, moving trees, rain, etc.

Machine learning can help your security crew review video, then identify and log any persons, objects, or events of interest. These user-identified entities of interest can further train the video-based intrusion detection system and make it smarter as time goes on.

Two-way Communication

Tamper Detection

Challenges to using a video monitoring-based intrusion detection system

Good quality video footage takes up storage and bandwidth. For everything from video transmission to alerts to reviewing video footage, the system needs a good network to avoid problems with lag and latency.

Not only do you need to think of your security needs and budget, but you also need to consider if you can implement the system in-house or partner with a vendor who can address your unique situation, and provide a customized solution.

IGZY — Delivering eSurveillance Security Solutions across India

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Backed by well-known KocharTech group, IGZY also understands the negative optics, financial loss, and erosion of goodwill that results from major thefts or intrusion events. IGZY’s perimeter intrusion detection system has been well tested in warehouses as attested to by the case studies published on our website.

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