Warehouse Solution Elements to Optimize Business Operations

5 Key Factors of Deploying Warehouse Solution


  • Sensors can be used to monitor intrusions, temperature increase, obstructions in warehouse aisle, and so on. Motion, temperature, proximity sensors can be deployed at strategic areas in your warehouse.
  • IP CCTV cameras combined with sensors can provide valuable visual confirmation if something is amiss in the warehouse.
  • RFID readers and tags — Shipments, pallets, parcels can all be tagged with RFID tagged which can then be read by RFID readers, thus tracking cargo as it enters or exits the warehouse.
  • Handheld barcode scanners or stationary scanners can reduce the time as well as error rates by eliminating manual entry.
  • Devices for personnel such as tablets, laptops, mobile stations, smartphones to log their activity.




IoT Platform



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