Warehouse SOP and Security Challenges For Ecommerce

Ecommerce warehouse SOP challenges

To meet the high demands and expectations of consumers become a challenge for ecommerce warehouses without the ability to keep a track of daily operations in order to enhance productivity. Warehouses follow a strict set of SOPs to ensure timely deliveries and adherence to safety-related protocols.

Inventory management

Manual method of inventory management comes with various limitations and challenges to it that causes operational inefficiency, human error, loss of data.

Roster management

SOP compliance help achieve daily tasks according to the roster and increases productivity. IoT-enabled solutions that provide real-time updates on SOP deviation that helps warehousers easily identify the cause of delay in the delivery of packages and other improvement areas. Roster management can be optimized as per the insights to enhance efficiency of operations.

Untimely deliveries

Untimely delivers is a common issue in ecommerce warehouses and it becomes difficult to identify the causes. Visibility on SOP adherence through IoT solutions to know if the products are being delivered according to the rooster can improve efficiency. Real-time updates on SOP deviation keeps administration heads informed. Strict adherence towards the handling of goods is another important SOP to avoid any damage or loss. SOP compliance can be easily monitored by esurveillance devices to ensure protocols are being strictly followed.

Security challenges faced by ecommerce warehouses


Warehouse premises have storage spaces that are generally tightly packed with goods. Even a small fire within the facility can lead to a devastating accident. From fluctuating electricity to the negligence of ground-level employees, there can be several factors behind a fire mishap.


Most of the warehouses are located on the outskirts of a city. A large facility with multiple entries and exit points, frequent intrusions can be observed as a common challenge by warehouses for their distributed sites that leads to theft and robbery of valuable goods and items.



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